• (Русский) Аудиторское сопровождение организаций

    (Русский) Аудиторское сопровождение организаций

    Оказываем услуги Налогового, Обязательного и Инициативного аудита, а так же Аудиторского сопровождения. Команда аудиторов состоит из действующих членов СРО, c опытом проведения более 300 проверок.
  • Повышаем эффективность бизнеса

    Повышаем эффективность бизнеса

    В век информационных технологий, старые методы ведения бизнеса ведут к отставанию в конкурентной борьбе и требуют пересмотра. Своевременно проведенный аудит и переоценка ценностей выведет на новый виток развития.
  • Проектируем и разрабатываем

    Проектируем и разрабатываем

    Любая новая стратегия развития бизнеса требует современных инструментов. Мы поможем доработать существующие или создать новые, требующие меньшего участия человека и сокращающие расходы на персонал.
  • Сохраняем нажитое

    Сохраняем нажитое

    Информация и продукты интеллектуального труда – главная ценность компании. И современный мир слишком открыт, чтобы не предпринимать мер по их защите. Вы уверены в сохранности своих коммерческих тайн?
  • Упаковываем продукт/увеличиваем продажи

    Упаковываем продукт/увеличиваем продажи

    Анализ проведен? Новая стратегия выработана?. Инструменты готовы работать на команду? Тыл надежно защищен? Пора атаковать рынок. Доверьтесь профессионалам.

Tired of storing information in different systems and do not see the full view of your business? Difficult to find the right document in the flow of documents? Overheads increase, but the company’s profit decreases? Afraid of the tax audit? Tortured to debate with the Head of Marketing about the necessity of advertising costs? Tired of spending money on lawsuits against unfair payers? And, on top of all, the local network is not available for 2 hours due to the fact that antivirus is not updated?

All of these problems are a common cause of businessmen’s headache. Usually they close their eyes for a long time, as long as a critical moment will come, and the business owner will have to pay big money to eliminate the problem.

We can help you to save money without hiring expensive in-house employees. After all, with the hiring you also take responsibility for their dismissal when the problem will be resolved or the implementation project finished, and the need to keep these high qualified professionals will disappear. We are your external tool for solving problems, which is convenient to keep on hand.

We are loyal to each client. You can be sure that the rate of our involvement into your business processes depends not only on your allocated budget. We are really interested in new challenges and ready to solve non-trivial tasks, because that is the only way of progress.


«Business Consult» – is a team of professionals who accumulate their business relationships with proven track record in the following fields:

  • Business intelligence and business applications implementation
  • Accounting and financial audit
  • Information and economic security at the enterprise
  • Right positioning, promotion and support of Russian and overseas software developer companie
  • Achievement of strategic and tactical business goals with the help of marketing tools
  • Development of business tools for your organizational needs (web and mobile applications)

«Business Consult» is a full cycle company: from the moment of detection of the factors preventing your business’ development, till success in defeating challenges. This means that we not only find bottlenecks, write statements of work and provide individual expensive consultations. First of all, we make sure that our recommendations were not ignored. It is important for business solution to run smoothly and effectively, without causing confusion among business owners concerning spending the money the right way or not.

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